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Real-time auctions of advertising areas

Real-time auctions of advertising areas

Real-time auctions of advertising areas

Let us together seek out and find the portfolio of websites that your target group visits, for the placement of banner ads. Thanks to RTB, you can additionally also reach large portals that would otherwise be out of reach via standard PPC channels. We’re on top of problems associated with banner blindness and so we always prepare the graphic design for banners in a way ensuring that customers find them interesting, make them curious and willing to click on it. We always design banners with utmost care - after all, it’s a piece of your enterprise - your business card.

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We’ll aim at specific target groups.

Accurately targeted and effective campaign, strict measurement of returns.
Creative design, dynamic as well as static banners.
Interesting and trustworthy websites.
We’ll place the banners in a way ensuring that they’re seen.
We’ll identify and target those websites that your customers spend time on.
Analysis of the required website portfolio using advanced tools.

Get to know us better

Arrange a non-binding meeting where you can tell us about your story; we can get to know each other better and then we can propose a process for handling your new project, regardless of how difficult it is.