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Cookies policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that your computer receives from the websites you visit. They are used to record certain web browsing interactions and the data they hold can be updated and retrieved. These files are stored on the user's computer and contain anonymous information that is not harmful to your device. They are used to remember user preferences such as language preference, access details or website personalization.

Cookies can also be used to record anonymous information about how a user uses the websites they visit. For example, which website the user came from or whether they used an advertising banner to access the site.

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Types of cookies:

Essential Functional Cookies - Cookies that are necessary to provide the basic functions of the website and are therefore always active. Without the use of these cookies, parts of our website would not function properly.

User preferences - Allows you to see personalized content based on your profile and they serve for preference purposes. For example, preferences for information you enter on our website.

Marketing cookies - These are third party cookies. They collect personal information about the user for marketing purposes. For example, they collect information in order to tailor the advertising offered to the customer's interests, to link to social networks, etc.

Statistical and analytical cookies - They collect and analyze website traffic and usage in real time. Real-time behavioral data allows us to offer relevant content at all times. These cookies are anonymous and are used to improve the functioning of the site. Cookies may be set by third parties such as Google Analytics, but the data collected is managed by us.


Cookies are further divided into one-time cookies (tied only to the current site visit), long-term cookies (active until a certain time) and permanent cookies (valid until deleted).

How do I revoke cookies consent?

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to disable cookies support in the most commonly used internet browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera


You can revoke your consent for the use of cookies on our site below:


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