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Show how your project will fit into its environment

Show how your project will fit into its environment

Effectively and clearly demonstrate your ideas and put the planned projects into a real environment. Effective presentations will then clearly demonstrate how the building or transportation project will change the landscape, or how to thoughtfully place the building into the current development. The audience will then get a better idea of it all, helping them understand as well as accept your ideas. We can put any model into a terrestrial or aerial photo and present it in the best light.

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Introduce your planned projects in a better way

Effective communication and turnkey delivery.
Wide range of experience with projects of various kinds and scopes.
Realistic depiction of the impacts on the landscape.
Ideal for planned developer projects.
Depiction of the change of the landscape’s feel and environment.
Effective communication and turnkey delivery.

Get to know us better

Arrange a non-binding meeting where you can tell us about your story; we can get to know each other better and then we can propose a process for handling your new project, regardless of how difficult it is.

Our real work

Our real work

The Directorate for Roads and Motorways
Highway in a landscape: the new D3 in 3D
29. August 2017
The Directorate of Waterways
3D animation of the Slapy ship lift
30. August 2017