3D | Movisio


Offer your clients a unique experience in the virtual world.


It’s all about the right placement. We know how to build presentations that emphasize only what’s most important. Show what the buildings will look like in a real landscape or how the planned project will change a landscape.


Are you planning large-scale development projects for new apartment houses or offices? Are you planning new transportation infrastructure? Or do you want your products to be easier to grasp? Don’t rely only on the imagination of your partners.

Augmented reality

We can add static or moving elements into a real environment. This will liven up your presentations and better show how your project works. AR is the future!

Virtual reality

Let your customers see your world in 3D. Regardless of whether you operate a hotel, a car factory or production plant, you can show your partners what are your strong sides. Save on the costs of developing prototypes and of designing new types of products.

3D animations

Take advantage of the possibility of using 3D animations and give your clients the opportunity to imagine and touch your products in the virtual world.

Interactive visualizations

Communicate with your customers and business partners via interactive presentations and visualizations. Let the customer choose the parameters, give them a result that matches what they want and be sure that all important details of your product will be visible.

Character animation

Liven up your presentation with realistic movement. Combine the real world with the virtual one using character animations and breathe life to your mascots or anything you use as part of your visual communication.


Do you want to see what a planned development project will look like, up to the smallest details? Show your partners where the planned motorway or railroad corridor will go through and how the new infrastructure network will work.